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Osmanthus Rice Wine and Lychee Cake (Waterloo-In Stock)

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Osmanthus Rice Wine and Lychee Cake:

The Osmanthus Rice Wine and Lychee Cake draws inspiration from osmanthus and lychee, adorned with homemade osmanthus jelly, osmanthus honey, osmanthus dried flowers, and a touch of thyme on top, offering you a fragrant journey through osmanthus and lychee. The third layer, built upon an original flavor chiffon base, is paired with osmanthus fresh cream and rice wine glutinous rice, presenting a unique floral and wine aroma. The second layer continues this delightful experience, featuring osmanthus fresh cream, homemade osmanthus jelly, and lychee meat from the can. The final layer once again showcases the original flavor chiffon base, delivering a refreshing osmanthus and lychee flavor.

Size: 4 Inch