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Free Delivery $45 or more !
Free Delivery $45 or more !

Delivery Instructions

Sosweet Delivery Instructions

Free delivery is available for orders over $45. For orders valued between $30 and $45, a $7.99 delivery fee applies. Please note that orders under $30 are not eligible for delivery.

Delivery Details: Our standard delivery window is between 6 pm and 11 pm.

Should you require delivery at a specific time or to locations outside our standard delivery zone, we offer point-to-point delivery at a rate of $1.3/km from our store to your specified address. (* If your delivery address is within 30km and you require specific time delivery, we will charge $7.99 + $1.3/km.)

For delivery to areas beyond our standard zones, contact our customer service team to discuss and arrange any additional fees. Delivery availability and rates may vary depending on your location.

Sosweet Delivery Policy

Before completing your order, ensure all provided details, especially the address, are correct. Incorrect addresses may lead to delivery complications, and we are unable to reroute orders once dispatched. Should you need to change your delivery information, we offer refunds in the form of store credit. Please make any changes, including date alterations, at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery to avoid additional charges. Changes requested within 24 hours of delivery will necessitate a new delivery fee. For cancellations within 24 hours on the day before the scheduled delivery, the delivery fee cannot be refunded.

Please Make Sure:

- Ensure someone is available to receive the order during the designated delivery window.
- Unattended orders, if accessible, will be left at the door; Sosweet is not liable for these.
- During delivery period we cannot guarantee specific delivery times; drivers will ring/knock and wait briefly.
- For unattended deliveries, an SMS notification will be sent to local numbers only.
- Please verify concierge package acceptance to avoid orders being left in common areas.
- Make sure the recipient is aware of the delivery and provide their local contact details, including buzz code and unit number.
- Non-Canadian phone numbers cannot be contacted.

Friendly Reminder:

During busy times like holidays or special events, and when we're up against tricky weather or traffic, your order might take a bit longer to reach you. We always do our best to deliver on time, and we're proud to say we make it happen for 95% of our orders! But on the off chance things don't go as planned, we want you to know ahead of time. And, while it's rare, severe weather might even mean we have to cancel. We're all about transparency, so we thought you should know that we're unable to offer refunds for these delays. Thanks for understanding!