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Free Delivery $45 or more !
Free Delivery $45 or more !

FAQs-Have any questions?

We're here to answer any questions or concerns you have. Please check below FAQs, if they can't help you, please CONTACT US!

Pre-Purchase FAQs

1. What areas do you deliver to?

We offer delivery in Toronto, Hamilton, and London. For specific delivery zones and fees, please refer to our delivery information section.

2. Can I place a same-day order?

Yes, we have an "Available Today" inventory for immediate orders in Toronto, Hamilton, and London. Orders can be delivered or picked up the same day.

3. How do I order a designer cake?

Start by sending us a photo of your desired cake design or describe your idea to our customer service for a quote. After receiving your quote, purchase the equivalent units ($1/unit) on our website. Don't forget to choose your cake’s size and flavor!

During Purchase FAQs

1. How does the designer cake order process work?

After discussing your design with customer service and receiving a quote, buy the required units online to match the quoted price. For example, if your quote is $165, order 165 units. You can then select your cake’s size and flavor.

2. What are your delivery rates and policies?

We offer free delivery for orders over $45. For orders between $30-$45, a $7.99 delivery fee applies. Orders under $30 are ineligible for delivery. Delivery outside the standard zone is calculated at $1.3/km. For specifics, please check our delivery policy.

Post-Purchase FAQs

1. What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made 48 hours before the delivery date for a store credit refund. For product damage or loss caused by us, we offer a full refund. If the fault lies with the customer or a third party, we offer a refund as store credit based on the situation.

2. How do I handle changes or cancellations?

If you need to cancel or change your order, please contact us at least 48 hours before the delivery date. Changes within 48 hours or cancellations after this period will be subject to our cancellation policy.

3. Allergy and Shelf-Life Information

Please inform us of any allergies when placing your order. Our products are made in environments that handle nuts, gluten, dairy, and other allergens. For shelf-life details, refer to the product description or contact customer service.

General FAQs

1. What should I do if no one can receive the delivery?

It's important someone is available during your delivery window. If not, and access is granted, we’ll leave the order at the door. Sosweet can't be held liable for unattended orders. Ensure your concierge accepts packages, or inform us of any delivery instructions.

2. What happens during holidays or unforeseen delays?

Delays might occur due to holidays, special events, or external conditions like weather or traffic. While we aim for timely delivery and succeed 95% of the time, we can’t guarantee this for every order. In extreme cases, we might need to cancel but will communicate promptly.

3. What are your general delivery times?

Standard delivery hours are between 6 PM and 11 PM. For specific time delivery or deliveries outside the standard zone, additional charges apply. Please refer to our delivery policy for more information.

4. How should I store my cake/dessert, and what is its shelf life?

Our cakes are best enjoyed within 2-3 days of purchase when stored in the refrigerator. Fresh cream and fruit-based products should be consumed within 1-2 days for optimal freshness. For a longer shelf life, certain cakes like tiramisu, mousse cake can be kept in the freezer for longer period.