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Matcha Chocolate Red Beans and Black Seasame Mousse Cake (Waterloo-In Stock)

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Matcha Chocolate Red Beans and Black Sesame Mousse Cake:

The Matcha Chocolate Red Beans and Black Sesame Mousse Cake is centered around matcha, with its top adorned with bits of matcha cake, sprinkled with a few colorful chocolate crispy beans and a dusting of matcha powder, offering you a delightful matcha experience. The third layer of the filling features a blend of Valrhona chocolate mousse, matcha powder, and colorful chocolate crispy beans, creating a rich texture and layers of flavor. The second layer continues this delightful journey, using an original flavor chiffon base paired with matcha white chocolate mousse and red bean black sesame crispy. The final layer once again showcases the original flavor chiffon base, bringing you a refreshing combination of matcha, chocolate, and red bean flavors.

Size: 4 Inch